SWAT Team Event: April 23 – 25 – Camp Grace

SWAT Event, April 23-25. We’ll be going to Camp Grace located in Fairmont, NC, near Lumberton. This will be another very “family friendly” event, with plenty of opportunities to “serve”, no matter what your age or abilities. We’ll find something productive to do for everyone.

Here are some of the projects we’ll be tackling:

Clean up around the trails & outside of buildings

Take care of the leaning trees

Waterfront :

   • Weed eating

   • Repair the waterslide deck

   • Remove tree near waterslide

   • Repair lifeguard stand

   • Re-paint picnic tables

Trim brush around shooting range

Repaint foosball and bladder ball

Clean and tighten rock wall

Repair and clean paintball net

Organize wood shed